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Testimonial From JILL & PAUL carter, owners of 'elevation'

"Since we took possession of Elevation, our Buizen 48, in March 2007 we have been full time liveaboard owners. In April 2010, we dropped the pen lines at Fremantle Sailing Club and headed off to pursue our dream of a world circumnavigation. In the 4 ½ years we have been permanent blue water cruisers, we have sailed the north west coast of Western Australia then across to Darwin, the South East Asia region, the Indian Ocean, both the South and North Atlantic Oceans and are now resident in the Caribbean.

We are extremely pleased that we chose to partner with Buizen Yachts for our adventure. We have sailed in some very testing waters and conditions - our 2013 Indian Ocean passage saw us rounding Cap d'Ambre (called the "Witches Cauldron" by Jimmy Cornell), navigating the Mozambique Channel and managing the Agulhas Current, and rounding the Cape of Good Hope. In 2014, we sailed from Cape Town to Trinidad; actually completing our longest ever passage of 24 continuous days on the St Helena to Suriname leg of our voyage. We know from our bluewater cruising experiences that Elevation will always perform well regardless of conditions, meaning that we can concentrate all our attention on the journey.

We proudly show our yacht to cruisers wherever we may be, knowing that her quality, comfort and performance speak volumes. She, and all Buizen vessels, are definitely the pinnacle of Australian blue water craft and we feel honoured to be able to act as Buizen Yacht's ambassadors as we sail our beautiful blue planet. "


Testimonial From Richard Hartman

"Now that I have taken possession of "Dancing Feather" I wanted to take a moment and thank you for all of the hard work in turning a long time dream into a reality.  As you know I have been looking at the Buizen 48 since 1995 when it was first introduced to me by an Australian yacht broker in San Diego .  Because of my lifestyle and various locations of where I have lived, plus the unpredictability of where I would live in the future, we never got around to commissioning the boat.  Living in London and only visiting Australia once a year could have been problematic for this project however, notwithstanding the fact that I only did a brief tour of your factory and met you only twice during the construction, the project was executed flawlessly, on time and on budget.  The end result is well beyond my expectations and the boat can only be described as "fabulous".

On a personal note I want to thank you for the photographs, for keeping in contact with me throughout the project and for your sincere personal attention and recommendations over the last year and a half.

We are counting down the days when we return to Australia.

Thank you and best regards."


Testimonial From Terence Smith

"I have now had some 9 months, 1100 nautical miles and various ocean trips to Ulladulla, Jervis Bay and Port Stephens in getting to know my boat.

My overall experience is that the boat is such a pleasure that I have difficulty leaving the boat to go home as one must every so often to attend to home things.

I continue to be amazed by the quality of boat build - nothing comes loose or falls off. Everything opens and closes perfectly. Equipment and gear does what it should do. Other than some minor electrical glitches, which one would expect considering the plethora of electrical gear on the boat and which glitches Mastercraft attended to promptly, the boat is faultless.

Sailing performance of the boat is also outstanding. Typically the boat will hold 8-9 knots boat speed in 12 knots true wind on beam reach which is very comfortable and pleasant sailing. I have seen 12.9 knots of boat speed with 18 knots of true wind on tight reach and a steady 7 knots boat speed on broad reach in 12 knots true wind.

When motoring or motor sailing the boat effortlessly cruises at 8.5 - 9.5 knots at 2500rpm and only appears to use about 1 litre of fuel per nautical mile. My recent return trip to the south coast covered 340 nautical miles and my fuel usage for that trip which was mostly motor sailing was about 400 litres including generator time of about 30 hours.

I have sailed the boat through some very rough weather and seas and the boat simply creams through it. The inside helm position is wonderful when it all gets too cold and wet outside. The ease and versatility of operating the boat is outstanding.

I am totally satisfied with the boat and the after sales service provided by Buizen Yachts and I highly recommend the boat. I would be pleased to discuss my experience with any prospective purchaser of a Buizen boat."


Testimonial from Jill & Paul Carter

"Planning our future, we made a life changing decision to become long term blue water cruisers. We wanted the very best yacht for this and after doing significant research, we agreed that the Buizen 48 Passage Maker was the one for us. We travelled to Sydney to meet the Buizen team and were thrilled with the fantastic service and assistance provided from inception. Once our contract was set, we were very confident that we could leave all aspects of construction to Buizen - very useful as we reside in Fremantle , WA , and therefore were not able to just drop into the factory to check on progress. We were provided with continual updates and photographs throughout the construction period making us feel very much involved, even from a distance.

Once launched, our "maiden" voyage was to bring our beautiful new home "Elevation" from Pittwater to the Fremantle Sailing Club, travelling via Bass Strait and the Southern Ocean. Elevation's performance was exceptional and she handled all weather conditions superbly.

We are now living comfortably onboard full time, having shed the trapping of landlubbers, and are the envy of the other FSC liveaboard community. We've been able to combine our current working life requirements with a life on the water and have found our new accommodation both practical and comfortable. We're counting down to our "sail away" date, which will be April 2010, and will take available opportunities in the meantime to complete some coastal cruising in WA.

Elevation is only one of two Buizens in the west, and we have been more than happy (plus very proud) to show her to a very interested number of boaties. We were delighted to allow Steve & Tony to show her at the 2007 Mandurah Boat Show, with the feedback being extremely positive.

Our experience with Buizen has been first class, both from our very first contact through to after sales support. The workmanship of all the team @ Mastercraft Marine is fantastic and it's obvious that everyone is very proud of their abilities and skills. We both highly recommend Buizen to anyone and are delighted to be a part of the Buizen family."


Testimonial from Brad & Rosie Burke

"Today, 20th April 2000, Foxy Lady will cross the finish line at Civitavecchia on the west coast of Italy. She will be the first over the finish line and will be awarded first prize for the entire Round The World Millenium Odyssey Race. We feel so proud that our beloved Foxy Lady has delivered us through safely. Well, Eddy you now have a Buizen 48 which has circumnavigated the world in style. Congratulations."


Testimonial from Peter & Jo Dan

"It's a bonus if somebody else sails with us. It's lovely to have other people, but we don't have to have other people on board to sail the yacht and that's great too... we don't have to fit in with anyone else's timetable and routine."


Australian Yachting Magazine

"They are unique. In one way they are a very, very capable motor boat. With just the mainsail up as a stabiliser, they will do eight knots under power on a litre of fuel per mile. It's a very economical motor cruiser. And if you're inclined you can rig it and sail it as a competitive racing yacht. It's an amazing combination."


Testimonial from David Gough

"In the twelve years sailing my first Buizen 48 "Eclipse", I enjoyed racing with some success, including second place overall Performance Handicap in the 50th Sydney-Hobart. I'm very impressed with the performance of my Buizen 48 Mark II "Total Eclipse". The new keel design has substantially lowered the centre of gravity, reduced leeway pitch and roll resulting in an incredibly comfortale and faster ride at sea under power or sail."


Testimonial from Phillip Mellett

"These yachts are simply unique, their design, build quality and capabilities are not found in similar cruising yachts either here or overseas. We have commissioned two 48's, would I order another one down the track? Absolutely."


Testimonial from Gary Tollis

"My wife and I often agree to disagree on a range of topics. But we do agree that the Buizen 48 is the best boat we have ever owned."


Testimonial from Bob Wright

"For us, there is simply no better boat to go cruising around Australia than the Buizen 48, end of story."

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