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In early 2016, shortly after delivering the latest Hull 4 of the Buizen 52 to her excited owners, the difficult decision was taken to cease the manufacture of all Buizen Yacht models, and close the Terrey Hills factory in Sydney.
The Australian share of the market for sailing yachts valued at $1.8 to $2.2m is a niche market, and the average of one yacht order per year over the previous 4 years was just not providing a sustainable financial foundation upon which the company could continue.
Whilst consistent interest and encouragement from overseas Sales Brokers was fielded by Buizen Yachts to develop US and European markets, the small family company just did not possess sufficient capital to invest in developing these large markets, notwithstanding confidence in the brand’s potential offshore success.
Perhaps one day with new investment partners this potential may be realised.
For over 40 continuous years, Buizen Yachts has been considered one of the finest boat builders in the Australia marine industry.
It was indeed a sad day when the decision was taken to end this chapter in the company’s history, however, Buizen’s philosophy around quality, engineering and capability, rather than a price point, see it’s yachts continue on, as the benchmark that others are compared to.


Built in limited numbers with bespoke luxury interiors and engineered to meet the rigours of trans ocean crossings, a Buizen Yacht represents an uncompromised expression of quality and capability sought by all discerning cruising yachtsmen.

So, whether cruising the world's oceans or exploring your own coastline, a Buizen Yacht provides a level of luxury, proven capability, security and performance found in very few yachts today.

Many of our owners have safely explored the world's oceans, sailed to distant, exotic ports and have completed (or are part way through) their own circumnavigations.

Of course some owners just want the pride that comes with owning the very best!

When you are ready to start your own adventure, or just want to own and sail the very best, come and talk to us.


61 2 9450 2170
57 Myoora Road Terrey Hills NSW 2084 Australia


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