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Buizen Yachts was founded by Eddy Buizen, a Dutchman who emigrated to Australia as a 20 year old In 1953. Eddy's brother Frits soon followed his older sibling and so began the story of Australia's two famous shipwright brothers whose work in the Australian boat building industry would soon become recognized as producing a level of quality previously unobtainable in the Australian market.

In the late 70's under the name of Boat Interiors, Eddy and Frits worked closely with the Iconic Bill Barry Cotter, producing the timber fit outs for Mariner Cruisers then based In Sydney's northern beaches. Eddy and Frits were soon asked to apply their skills to the Cavalier and thereafter the North Shore range of yachts. Before long Boat Interiors had become the largest supplier in Australia of marine timber joinery and fit out kits, producing up to 180 per year.

Eddy began to feel there was something missing in the Australian boat building market, a sailing yacht foremost but with the accommodation and single level access that still allowed visual contact with the outside world. Eddy knew this layout would appeal to the ladles as well as the skipper who could sail the yacht from the warm and secure confines of the saloon rather than a wet cockpit in times of inclement weather. A yacht that had timeless appeal as well as being constructed to the highest standard.

And so began the design of Australia's first proper Pilot House Yacht. Eddy engaged legendary Australian designer Joe Adams who could package Eddy's vision into a hull and deck layout. The Zeston 40 was thus created and Hull No.1 was commenced In 1980.

The Australian market certainly took notice and the orders for both the 40 and subsequently in 1983, a 36 footer, kept the Terrey Hills factory at maximum production. 22 of the Zeston 40 and 16 of the Zeston 36 were built before Eddy began to conveive of a larger Pilot House Yacht design.

Eddy and Frits then began to collaborate with Australian Naval Architect Paul Stanyon whose brief along with the Buizen design team was to develop a state of the art, round the world luxurious Pilot House Yacht. A craft that despite her size could easily be handled by a husband and wife crew with a design capability that would allow her owners to come and go in style, safety and independence.

The result was the Buizen 48 and Hull No. 1 was launched in 1993.

Since this date the 48 has become the ultimate Australian blue water cruiser and passage maker, and has become a source of pride for the Australian Industry as the boat to compare with the rest of the worlds best cruising yachts.

Since Hull No.1 the 48 has undergone gradual design improvements through a process of evolution rather then revolution. The current 48 design Is known as the Series 3. In 1996 a smaller Buizen 40 was launched, similar In layout to the 48.

To date over 36 Buizen 48s have bean launched and 10 Buizen 40s have been delivered.

In 2009 the company began to develop plans for a new, larger, technologically advanced performance cruiser to combine bespoke luxury cruising with superior performance and simultaneously invested in CAD design platforms coupled with CNC Router manufacturing in order to create the new model known as the Buizen 52. In January 2010, tool up for the new Buizen 52 commanced and hull 1 was delivered to her new owner in February 2012 and debuted at the Sydney Boat Show in August 2012. And so the new Buizen chapter has commenced.

The Buizen 40, 48 and now the new Buizen 52, have achieved an unequalled status in the Australian market. Their timeless design, strength, build quality and standard of finish has made them the benchmark by which other handcrafted yachts are judged.

Orders for hulls 2, 3 & 4 quickly followed. The Buizen 52 encompasses the very best design and modern boat building technologies. It's innovative layout, engineering and bespoke luxury finishes, coupled with proven regatta performance have ensured the start of another iconic Buizen model.

The 40, 48 and 52 cannot be compared to production yachts. Ten thousand man hours go into the 48 and 15,000 in the 52, both with a 12 month build time. Thus our focus is on each yacht and its owner, not on a production line.

The yachts are built to order with only 3 yachts being built each year and we are very proud that the yachts are built entirely in-house at our Terrey Hills factory.

At Buizen Yachts we partner our clients dream with our passion to design and build with them the very best hand crafted and proven design yacht that money can buy.

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